3 Kadamay Officials Made at Least P2-M Selling Housing Rights

The National Housing Authority (NHA), is now investigating an alleged syndicate that sold the rights of at least 137 housing units and made more than P3.4-M.

The broke out inside the KADAMAY community in Pandi, Bulacan, when one of the three involved individuals boasted during a drinking spree, that he made at least P800,000 from selling 28 housing rights.

Renato Balbuena, a high-ranking leader of KADAMAY and other leftist groups, was one of at least 10 people who first organized the illegal occupation of Pandi housing last year.

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Balbuena allegedly occupied at least 30 houses using his family members, distant relatives, and close friends.


Balbuena sold the rights of the said houses to incoming settlers from Metro Manila, for P25,000 to P35,000, making at least P800,000 in the process.

Balbuena, a former homeless and jobless, now owns a passenger jeepney, two tricycles, and a sari-sari store inside the said housing.

Similar story reported involving two other militant leaders.

Teofila Gonzaga and Romano Junsay reportedly made at least P600,000 each, with at least 10 more people sold 4 to 5 housing rights, making at least P100,000 each in the process.

Reports about buying and selling housing rights in Pandi housing projects are not new.

Last February, Gabriela leader Isagani Tupaz reportedly brought twelve families from Cavite to Pandi.

The families reportedly paid Tupaz at least P15,000 for each unit they occupied, giving him at least P180,000.

The Pandi local government has been complaining of having problems after the Pandi housing was illegally occupied by KADAMAY. /Reggie Macatangay/

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