Discovery of Third Testament Reveals Jesus Christ Had Already Returned, and Gone

A new study released by the University of Tel Aviv suggest that Jesus Christ has already returned exactly 100 years after his death, and disappeared after three days without doing anything.

Scientists in Israel are busy translating the last part of the book that was said to be the Bible’s Third Testament, in hope to put a conclusion on the early study that the Christians’ savior had long been gone.

On June 2015, two Israeli archaeologists unearthed Bible manuscripts at an archaeological site in Gaza Strip. The manuscripts since had been decoded by experts, and found to be a sequel of the bible’s New Testament.

The manuscript, which was written in ancient Hebrew, was believed to be written a years after Jesus Christ has died based on carbon dating.


According to Israeli language scientist Ilan Bazar, the manuscript explained in detail how Jesus returned and gone after three days. Bazar said the exact location and date are also written in detail.


Jews don’t believe on Christ’s second coming, and the discovery put the Christian doctrine into a serious odd.

The discovery of the manuscript is considered to be the most important modem discovery that could change world’s faith on Jesus Christ according Bazar.

The Vatican said it will wait for the official translation of the manuscript before it can decide what to do with the current Catholic doctrine.

“It’s sad to say the truth, but Christians are waiting for no Christ”, Bazar said. /Jake Sonza/

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