Duterte Bans all Transgenders in Public Places Following a Disrespectful Lupang Hinirang Stint

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday immediately issued an Executive Order banning all transgenders in Philippines public places after a transgender disrespected the national anthem.

On September 8, 2017, around 6:05 pm, Maria Sofia Love through her Facebook page Maria Sofia Sanchez went live. The self proclaimed London-based model have been uploading videos of herself while she struts the streets abroad, in her room, hilarious, entertaining.

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However, she must have taken freedom to a different level and is now in hot water after dancing and singing the national anthem, but with movements like hands being placed on the genitals, instead of the chest. Yes, she performed this live until the last note of Lupang Hinirang.


Watch the video


Majority of the netizens roared through the comments section of various Facebook Pages. Most were mad, a few said it’s ok.

Even other members of the LGBT community disliked Sofia’s actions.

The EO 324 signed by Duterte on Monday noon which immediately took effect bans all transgender in the Philippines from public where normal people dwell.

The EO also declared that all transgender are not humans and therefore should be ignored by human population.

The signing of EO timed with another transgender’s criticism of a straight girl. Jake Zyrus on Monday lambasted Charice, saying the latter is fake. Jake Zyrus is not exempted from the EO. /Lara Dulman/

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