Hontiveros Spends P17-M of Taxpayers Money on Anti-Marcos Books

The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), is preparing an administrative complaint against Sen. Risa Hontiveros after the group received documents that the lady senator had spent more than P17 million in books criticizing former President Ferdinand Marcos.

VACC’s legal counsel Atty. Rocco Banayo said that the senator wasted taxpayers money for her personal interest.

The data acquired by the group detailed how Mrs. Hontiveros spent the money, including payment of P8,435,890 to the publisher of Marcos Martial Law: Never Again. The anti-Marcos book written by Marcos critic and self-proclaimed author Raissa Robless.

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Rocco said Hontiveros paid another P3.2 million to Robles for 10,000 copies of the anti-Marcos book which the senator distributed to public schools.


“This is a blatant violation of people’s rights. The Senator used the taxpayers money in a very wrong way and made one person rich. The Commission on Audit should really look into this”, Banayo said.

Hontiveros last week visited a Batangas state university, but students left when they heard that the senator planned to distribute the anti-Marcos book.

“At P320 per copy, that book is highly overpriced”, Banayo added.

The lawyer also said that Hontiveros could have used the money to other important projects instead of poisoning the minds of younger generation. /Lucy Acosta/

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