Man Marries Daughter of Woman Who Dumped Him 21 Years Ago

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to loving someone.

We have seen a lot of couples with big age difference like Aiai Delas Alas and Gerald Sibayan (30 years gap), Freddie Aguilar and Jovie Albao (44 years gap), Dolphy and Zsa Zsa Padilla (35 years gap), and recently, Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna with 35 years age gap.

There is nothing abnormal right? As long as the couple love each other, everything seems normal, not until the case of Adrian Mendez and Jenny Sapanza took local news outlets by storm.

Adrian, a 42-year old a self-made Internet entrepreneur and investment banker, married Jenny, a 21 year-old accountant. Age obviously is not an issue as Adrian looks like 10 years younger than his age. The real issue will surely shock you.


This story have been featured in a Cebu local radio drama from June to August, 2017.


Some 21 years ago, Adrian Mendez graduated with honors from University of San Carlos in Cebu City. He finished with a degree of Electronics and Communication Engineering and passed the board exam the same year he graduated.

His girlfriend for 3 years Samantha, a nursing graduate also became a registered nurse the same year, and was able to secure a job in local private hospital.

The couple experienced problem when Adrian went to Manila to look for a job, while Samantha, later that year pursue her dream to work in London. The London issue had always been a reason for the couple’s argument as Adrian didn’t approve it.

The differences became worse after Samantha passed the qualification to work as caregiver in London. Adrian did his best to save the falling relationship, but Samantha prioritized her career over her love-life. The two eventually split with Samantha dumping Adrian in disappointments.

Samantha decided to cut everything between her and Adrian despite of the latter’s effort. She became invisible in the next five years. Adrian did everything to find her through her friends and relatives, but the woman was so elusive and didn’t want to get disturbed.

After 15 years of working hard to reach the top of  the corporate ladder, Adrian decided to call his working days off and decided to start his own business. He founded an online software company.

Busy with his daily life for most of his working life, he had a dead love-life in the past 15 years.

His success story has been a legend to his neighbors in his hometown after he helped almost a dozen of his nieces and nephews finished college. He became a hero to his own family.

After five years of successfully running his own company , he had to hire more employees, set-up new offices, and invite more investors. At 42 years old, Adrian has unlimited energy when it comes to his own business.

Adrian, now living in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa City, recalled how his life had been in the past 20 years after college graduation, and the devastating break-up that nearly made him lost his self-confidence.

Adrian’s company hired the fresh graduate  Jennifer Sapanza as an apprentice in his internal accounting firm.

Jenny, a charismatic young CPA with “tons of sense of humor” caught Adrian’s attention when he interviewed her. Click Here to Continue Reading

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