Why Members of RU Affiliates Reacts Wildly when told that RUA is Scam

Note: This article is not written to destroy any program like RU Affiliate, but to let people understand how these program works, what are the consequences, and other important things. If you are open-minded and not blinded by your referral commission, read this.

When I joined the program called Foreign Fund during the height of High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) on 2002, my mind became preoccupied of  ideas that I could be rich in just several months. I became extremely aggressive in recruiting people to join under me so I could get 30% commission from their registration fees. Less than a year later, my aggressiveness gradually fade, until the program closed. Somehow I made $350 from a $20 investment. No bad.

Several online investment programs came and go. I joined in some until I found out that non of these programs are really legit and sustainable.

Come 2014 and a friend invited me to join the Forever Living Products (FLP) where the top affiliate became a millionaire in person of the late Benjamin “Jun” Kintanar Jr.


I was then working as production supervisor in a Japanese automotive manufacturing company in Batangas. I became aggressive in recruiting people to the point that whoever I know, I consider a prospect. This is normal for everyone who is a member of any networking program that plan to recruit people according to IM expert Cury Rudi.


Within a year of recruiting, I worked myself up to the managerial level of FLP and enjoyed its benefits. But saturation caught me that after several months, I find it extremely hard to recruit. Together with stock shortage of FLP products, I decided to call it off.

My work as a supervisor made me became a target of most MLM and networking programs, especially those new ones.

After the fall-out of FLP on 2004, I joined several other programs with no avail. Most offered health products, digital guides, and even electronic gadgets. Having similar business model of making money out of new members’ registration fees, all of them failed.

It was around 2013 when a friend introduced me to New Business Opportunity (NBO-Global). I did not join and had no plan on joining after I discovered that the business model was not sustainable.

Me and my friend got into heated debate about the program, to the point that we ignored each other for several months until the program was declared scam by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), and the owners were accused of syndicated estafa. My friend lost more than P450,000 which until now he wont admit (I learned the amount from his brother).

On early 2015, another friend invited me to another program. This time it was Emgoldex – a program that offers gold bar and unbelievable amount of money.

Similar to what happened with a friend who invited me to NBO, this friend of mine was very aggressive in convincing me to join Emgoldex. As expected, we argued after I told him that Emgoldex is scam.

Several months later, the government issued cease and desist order vs the company. My friend did not disclose how much he lost and don’t want to talk about it anymore whenever we meet.

Details of all of these experiences were posted in my previous marketing blog which I sold to an Irish marketing company.

The last program that caught my attention was that copycat of Emgoldex – the Goldxtreme. Members of the program even sent me emails threatening to sue me if I will not take down my articles. They failed, and they became quite when they lost money after Goldxtreme stopped its fraudulent investment activities.

Now we have this RU Affiliates which claims to be a legit program because they have papers, and members are allegedly making money.

After I published an article why this program is scam, members started to become furious, which I totally understand.

Joining in a network marketing program that promise unlimited opportunities is flattering. I totally understand why these people are becoming furious to someone who said negative things about their program – RU Affiliates.

Being extremely loyal is normal. When someone is blinded by empty promises of companies like this RU Affiliates, everyone around him/her is potential target to recruit. So, saying something negative about the program is something he/she can never forgive.

Bakit daw scam e kumikita naman sila?

The question is, bakit ka nga ba kumikita? Sa pag-gamit ba ng product na binili mo, or sa pagrerecruit?

Supposed it has  a product called IHX factor, do people join because they want that product, or just want to recruit to make money? And why would someone buy an information on how to run a business when he has no business to run? Bibili ka ba ng bagay na alam mong hindi mo magagamit, if not for this recruitment + money thing?

Alisin mo yang kita sa pagrerecruit, magbabayad ka kaya for the product that is available in just few clicks on Google search?

People here join not becasue they want the product which they don’t have idea how to use, or how does it work. People join because they are hoping to make money out of other people’s investment.

Making 62.53% (P1,000 of P1,599) profit for every virtual product allegedly sold will certainly sound SEC’s red alarm.

No wonder why these people are extremely furious when RU Affiliates is accused of being a scam program. These people knows only how to make money, but do not consider the morality, ethics, and legality of making such amount.

Like other networking programs that are not sustainable, this RU Affiliate has a saturation period. When that saturation period comes, members (especially the new ones) will start to complain because there is no one to recruit anymore, and these old members who are making money right now will do nothing but laugh their arse because they already made it. This is where the attitude of being “mapagsamantala” takes effect.

You can argue that RU Affiliate deliver different products, but the fact that you are earning from your recruit makes no difference. Like many other network marketing and affiliate programs, the so-called product is just a dummy.

For reference, if you really want to know more about these type of programs, here is a good read. This is an article I wrote before NBO shut down several years ago.

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The last people to join are always be the victims. / Email me to [email protected] if you have any question/

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