NBI uncovers “Yellow’s Plan” to sabotage Batangas farms with bird flu

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is monitoring several people that have plan to inflict Batangas poultry farms with avian flu – Batangas NBI spokesman Daniel Aragon told reporters on Friday.

According to Aragon, NBI Batangas has received an information from NBI main office, that political opponents of President Rodrigo Duterte are cooking something that would derail the poultry economy in CALABARZON.

Batangas is the biggest egg supplier in the country, followed by Bulacan according to the Department of Trade and Industry.

Aragon did not give specific detail about the plan, but said that the agency is already monitoring at least 8 high-profile employees of six different poultry farms in San Jose, Batangas. The official said politicians belonging to liberal party are behind the said individuals.


Last month, poultry farmers in Central Luzon had lost hundreds of millions of pesos in revenue due to avian flu outbreak. It was also identified that the outbreak was transmitted from a farm in Tarlac owned by the family of former President Benigno Aquino III.


Duterte has been accusing his critics of sabotaging the country. The president even linked the death of Caloocan teens to sabotage.

Aragon also added that aside from suspected plan to sabotage Batangas poultry farms, his agency is also looking for other possibilities of conspiracy against the Duterte government. /Anthony Daez/

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