Pampanga Archbishop Uses Facebook to Collect Donations Illegally?

A Facebook page bearing the name of Pampanga Archbishop Emeritus Paciano Aniceto is reportedly collecting money illegally through several reasons.

Donations were being sought for the charity crusade of the Virgen de los Remedios abroad and for renovations of the Mother of Good Counsel Seminary.

An account that accepted donations was traced to a branch of the BDO in Makati City, according to Rev. Mario Sol Gabriel.

The pages also featured old and up-to-date photographs of the bishop, linking these to public posts.


Although Aniceto denied the ownership of the account, authorities believe that the account is created or managed by some people closed to the Archbishop who have access to his personal files, especially his photos.


Since the solicited money is funneled through a valid bank account, authorities did not rule-out the possibility that the Catholic leader is involved.

Several similar cases have been reported during the past two years, with most uses the names of religious leaders, but to date, nothing yes has proven to be fake after the said accounts closed and owners remain untraceable.

Authorities, including the Anti Money Laundering Council (AMLC) will include the Archbishop on its investigation, AMLC ‘s Atty Lydio Cordova told reporters on Wednesday. /Reggie Roque/


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