Powerful and influential religion destroys another Family

Religion destroy not only family, but also someone’s future.”

This is the emotional word said by Sarah Salbibia, a 3rd year accounting student who had to stop going to school because her sister who finance her studies married a pastor.

Gina (not her real name) is the oldest of four siblings.

Right after Gina passed the Registered Electrical Engineering board exam on 2012, her father passed away, leaving the whole family in her care. She became an instant breadwinner.


By 2014, Gina became an engineering supervisor in a manufacturing company in Laguna. She started sending her younger daughter, Sarah to school, and her two other younger siblings.


All of the family members, except their mother, have been an active member of one of the most powerful religions in this country not named the Roman Catholic.

By 2016 at the age of 25, Gina decided to marry his pastor boyfriend of 6-month. Because she believe that it is a big honor to marry a pastor, she decided to take the risk, quit her job, and get married.

Other than their father’s SSS pension of P3,500/month, the family of minors have no other means to help Sarah finance her college. Thus, she had no choice but to stop schooling and started working at McDonalds.

Her sister Gina has changed since then. The new family totally forgot them.

As for this religion, being a wife of a pastor prohibits one from working. As a wife of pastor, you should do no other than taking care of your husband.

Sarah recalled how her family was destroyed, dreams were shattered after her sister married an unlikely member of their family – a religious leader who has an isolated life and knows nothing other than reading a bible.

The guy’s family was well-off, but Sarah said her sister was like poisoned after marrying the pastor.

“She had totally forgotten us. They never visited us since they got married. They only told us they were always busy. That guy took our sister away from us”, Sarah recalled.

Sarah also recalled how their mother was devastated by her sister’s unlikely decision.

“There’s only one thing our father asked from her before he bid good bye. To help me finish my college. But look what happened. We left with nothing. She wasted her profession”, Sarah said.

While working as part time in a fast-food restaurant for almost a year now, Sarah said she learned blogging and earning more than what she was expecting.

“I’m sure I can continue my schooling by next year. I can do blogging anytime of the day and I’m happy to discover this new path”, She said.

Because of extreme poverty after her sister left them, Sarah also said all of her siblings decided to abandon the religious organization.

“I think this is also the main reason why they distanced themselves from us. We are not like them anymore. We had no choice. We have to make money instead of spending it on church activities.”, Sarah said.

The young woman asked not to name the said religious organization, but hinted that the group took headline a couple of years ago after its leadership was rattled by a family scandal, when some of the family members of the controlling family were expelled.

“The same thing happened to us. Our family was destroyed by the same religion”, Sarah said. /Janice Acosta/


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