Speaker Alvarez to AIDs Victims: I Battle with Gonorrhea for Decades

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez told AIDS patients at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), on Friday that he has been battling with gonorrhea and syphilis for years.

Alvarez’s announcement came as surprise to media people who covered his encouraging speech to AIDS victims.

Alarez, a self-confessed and proud womanizer who claimed to father more than a dozen children in different women, delivered a short but hopeful speech to AIDS victims.

“I’ve been here before. The same place where you are right now. I fought for it, and keep fighting. I battled with gonorrhea and syphilis for years. This is the only way we can do to survive. You should not give-up. Your family, your friends, and your sex partners love you”, Alvarez emotionally told at least 120 AIDS victims.


“It was not clear whether the speaker was just fooling the patients, but whether his words were true or not, it surely encouraged patients to fight for their lives”, his publicist told reporters.


Alvarez have been vocal about his sexual activities, but this is the first time the Speaker, who dubbed “imbecile” by Bureau of Customs Chief of Staff Atty. Mandy Anderson, delivered a self-inflicting message.

“Contracting sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea is common for people who are sexually active, especially for people who are fond of having sex with paid sex workers without protection”, a PGH doctor said after Alvarez left.

“Admitting to have a gonorrhea is the weirdest thing someone could ever have said, especially for a government official who is third in the line of presidency”, the doctor added. /Danny Tevez/


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