Top 10 Philippine Companies with Worst Customer Service in 2017

Unlike Americans, Filipinos are not fond of complaining when they receive poor customer service. Filipinos have a lot of patience, but when too much is too much, they also explode.

We did a good research both offline and online and the result is a little bit shocking.

For several years, CDR-King held the top spot of the lists of Philippine companies with worst customer service. Our survey and research was conducted from June 16 to September 16, 2015, but most of the online data are from 2016.

Smart/PLDT has one of the worst customer service companies

Here is the list of companies with worst customer service either through phone or over the counter.


1. CDR-King


The computer accessories chains of stores have been on the top of the lists for several years. Not only that they sold lowest-quality products, the major complain was very slow processing of orders. This is the only store that sells computer accessories without cashier not using any computer. They are using manual receipt, and when you pay, another crew will verify your payment.

If there are a lot of customers, you have to fall in line just to ask if they have what you are looking. Nobody is happy with CDR-King.


At first we thought that PLDT would make it to the top but we were wrong. From slow internet connection, choppy phone calls, system issues, etc.

3. Globe Telecom / Tattoo

We already know it. The agony of using Globe Tattoo is experienced by most of its customers. You have no internet connection and when you call for support, you’ll get nowhere because of system issue. Fair usage policy that sucks.

4. Smart Communications / Smartbro

My personal experience tell me that Smart is worse than Globe, but survey says otherwise.  Smartbro customer service agents are incompetent and lack of knowledge. Its fair Usage Policy is worse than Globe.  More system issues when you call for support.

5. Sun Cellular / Broadband

The lesser of four evils, Sun Cellular took the smallest slice of Telco customers anger. Sun Cellular’s customer service is the hardest to get in touch to.

6. Cebu Pacific Air

From rescheduling, validation, corrections, and anything that concerns your air ticket, Cebu Pacific is always hard to deal over the phone. I had to spend extra thousands just to change my schedule, and I had to do it personally at NAIA.

7. Philippine Airlines

Customer service that sucks over that phone and on board the plane. It seems some of their flight attendants don’t care.

8. Maynilad

People from Metro Manila know this best. Search Google and you’ll find out why Maynilad is included here. If you want to destroy your day, call Maynilad.

9. Meralco

Like Maynilad, Meralco is another utility company that giving consumers a headache. The lack of quick action when there is problem is every day’s problem by many. The lack of competitor is what let Meralco do what it wants to do with its customers.

10. Classic Savory Restaurant

Shocking right? Not many people know Classic Savory but when you enter their restaurant, you must be prepared to wait for 20 minutes after you give your order. If you are hungry, Classic Savory is not a good place to dine to.

If you can think of any other company with bad customer service, share it with us in the comment section below.

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