Trillanes: I Admire Lean Men But I’m No Gay

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Monday admitted that sometimes, he admire men with lean body, but denied being gay.

Last week, the lawyer of Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte asked if Sen. Trillanes was gay following the latter’s request on Duterte to show his tattoo on his back.

“A tattoo is a very private matter. I won’t ask my client to show it to me unless I’m gay and I want to see his body,” Atty. Rainer Madrid said.

During the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee’s seventh hearing on the Customs corruption mess, Trillanes alleged that the Vice Mayor belongs to a “triad” behind smuggling activities in Hong Kong and China.


The senator said proof of Duterte’s triad membership was a “colored dragon tattoo” on his back that had serial numbers that would indicate which “triad faction” he belonged to.


But Duterte refused to show the body mark, invoking his right to privacy.

Trillanes told reporters on Monday outside AMLC office that it is normal for him, as a soldier to admire lean body.

“Normal sa isang sundalo na nag-aadmire sa mga taong may matipunong katawan. But to say that I am a gay is a big joke. Honestly, Paolo Duterte has a lean body, but it was his tattoo I was after”, Trillanes said. /Joy Valle/

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